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Thinking Positively about Buying or Selling

March 4, 2014 1:45 pm

Sometimes when making important decisions we freeze up, get scared and second guess ourselves. 

Keep in mind that psychologically we are acting in our own best interests at all times. Sometimes the need upon which we are acting is generated as an instinctive (back brain-limbic system) need to protect ourselves. 

If you find yourselves procrastinating or be backing away suddenly from a decision you are trying to make, see what you can do to bring yourself into your frontal lobe (or fore-brain) where you can start thinking again. Ask yourself questions that encourage thinking, thereby steering yourself away from the negative emotions that might be setting in. 

Include a positive presupposition in the question. “As we see ourselves living in this house/or moving out of this house . . . what kinds of support do we need in moving forward?” 

Now try answering the question. Bringing yourself into your cognitive domain (your front brain) will get you thinking on the right track.

Give it a try!

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