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Emotions and Mindfulness

February 3, 2014 2:31 pm

I am delighted to be with the RE/MAX Town & Country team in beautiful Blairsville, Georgia!

Themes for my blogs will run along the lines of how, with my expertise in coaching, I can assist people in one of the biggest financial decisions of a lifetime-buying a home and investing in property.

Emotions play an important role in falling in love with and wanting to buy a home. Think of your emotions as the strong winds that fill the billows of your sail. They are exhilarating and necessary for your forward momentum. 

In addition to allowing your emotions to take you away, it is equally important to become mindful, or cognitive, in this decision. If the winds are your emotions, the rudder is your cognitive-thoughtful-process.  

As you gather momentum in buying or selling, become aware of your state of mind. Balance the emotions with thoughtfulness and the decision will be right for a long-long time. 
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